Friday, December 14, 2007

GLISTEN Envelopes!

Our Newest BRIGHT Arrivals are...

Wausau Astrobrights GLISTEN Envelopes!

We are carrying these elegant, shimmer envelopes in all 6 colors & 3 popular sizes. (A2, A6, A7). This envelope is a great addition to the already popular Glisten Paper.

These envelopes are available in 50 packs & boxes of 250. The great 6 colors available are: Glisten Solar Yellow, Glisten Lunar Blue, Glisten Gamma Green, Glisten Venus Violet, Glisten Rocket Red & Glisten Re-Entry Red. As you may already know, the glistens are designed to compliment and coordinate with the bright colored 'Astrobrights' by Wausua.

You can view all our Glisten products and for a LIMITED TIME you can get an 'early discount'! To get the 10% discount off your Astrobright Glisten products, type the word GLISTEN into the 'Office Code' field as you proceed through the checkout process.

Hope these will brighten your projects!

The Paper-Papers Team

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Paper & Envelopes by French

Introducing a new addition to our French paper products.

Durotone & Construction Envelopes now available in all colors, 3 sizes. These envelopes are a great addition to our Durotone & Construction Papers that we carry in various sizes and weights.

You can learn more about which papers we stock & link directly to the items by viewing our article pages for Durotone Paper and Envelopes

Construction Paper and Envelopes.

For a limited time, we are offering Construction as a feature which will discount your purchase by 10%. This is a limited offer!

Hope you enjoy these new additions!

The Paper-Papers Team

Monday, November 19, 2007

NEW Red Squares!

Red Square EnvelopeIntroducing our newest Square Envelope!

Red Square Envelopes.

We are offering this new addition in 2 quantities.
We are expanding our square envelopes. We have added White 28/70 squares in 2 new sizes:
7" x 7" & 8" x 8". These new products have been added to our square envelopes and are available for immediate ship!

Just a friendly reminder about square envelopes...
Square envelopes are nonstandard and require additional postage to mail.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

We have a new blog for 'referrals'

We at paper-papers are excited to announce our service referral blog. This blog is anticipated to be a wonderful resource for finding companies that have had a history of working on our papers and comments from people who have used their services.

We look forward to everyone sharing their referrals. (If you would like to submit a referral, please email and you will receive an automated email with the necessary information.) 

Other future changes are that we are starting to include our updates on a printed flyer to insert in all shipments. Also, we are looking forward to every shipment receiving a free sample to assist in future project plans. We would love your feedback. Please feel free to contact us via our general email: (or) submit a comment on this blog.

We look forward to a productive and prosperous future together!

The Team at Paper-Papers LLC

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Shimmery additions to our Full Size Papers

As we roll out more of our Full Size Papers, we are offering another great product to our Metallic Papers - Full Size Selection. Wausau Astrobrights Glisten® has a beautiful Smooth Pearlescent Finish and created to complement other Astrobrights lines.

We carry the Astrobrights Glisten in 8.5in x 11in papers in both cover and text. Also for those special orders that need unique size we have 26in x 40in cover and 25in x 38in text. We are currently stocking All 6 colors in cover & 3 colors in text -- out of the 6 pearlescent shades.

If you find yourself in need of the other colors, feel free to contact us as to the estimated stock time. You can contact us toll free 1-888-938-3033.

We are also looking at expanding our Blogs to represent 3 unique departments. Keep your eyes opened for these changes!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Foil Lining Envelopes -- Just in Time!

Just in time for the Holiday Season, we are offering Foil lined envelopes at a 10% discount. We proudly carry this product through out the entire year, but for a brief time, we are offering an extra discount off our already low price! Paper-Papers carries this lovely line of announcement envelopes in sizes A2, A6, A7, A8 & A9.

If you find yourself in need of great foil lined envelopes, any time of the year, you can view this item at Foil Lined Envelopes

We wanted to be ahead of the Holiday rush, so our well prepared designers will have plenty of time to get those massive mailings produced. You can buy these great envelopes with a silver lining or gold Foil Lined Envelopeslining.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Metallic Papers - Adding to our Full Size Selection

We have updated our full size sheets to now include Wausau Royal Metallic Papers. We have carried Royal Metallics as an 8.5" x 11" metallic cut sheet for quite some time, and our customers have been very pleased with this lovely, metallic paper. Now this beautiful metallic sheet is available to our customers who need that unique cut size to complete their projects.

This beautiful, shimmery paper is available as 26in x 40in Full size Cover (Cardstock) Sheets and Full size Text Weight Sheets.

Wausau Royal Metallics are known for 8 trend setting colors that are acid-free and lignin-free. These metallic coated papers are specially formulated and guaranteed for offset printing. If you need more information or a sample of this specific paper, please feel free to contact our offices toll-free 888-938-3033 or email us at

We look forward to supplying your metallic paper needs.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Blog for the Paper Lover

As an introduction to our paper blog, we invite you to start the topic. We will sort and organize topics as they arise.

We hope to see shared ideas & great designs from our customers. Please show off the work you have done by using our paper and envelopes. We are always amazed at the fine designs produced by our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Team from