Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Paper & Envelopes by French

Introducing a new addition to our French paper products.

Durotone & Construction Envelopes now available in all colors, 3 sizes. These envelopes are a great addition to our Durotone & Construction Papers that we carry in various sizes and weights.

You can learn more about which papers we stock & link directly to the items by viewing our article pages for Durotone Paper and Envelopes

Construction Paper and Envelopes.

For a limited time, we are offering Construction as a feature which will discount your purchase by 10%. This is a limited offer!

Hope you enjoy these new additions!

The Paper-Papers Team

Monday, November 19, 2007

NEW Red Squares!

Red Square EnvelopeIntroducing our newest Square Envelope!

Red Square Envelopes.

We are offering this new addition in 2 quantities.
We are expanding our square envelopes. We have added White 28/70 squares in 2 new sizes:
7" x 7" & 8" x 8". These new products have been added to our square envelopes and are available for immediate ship!

Just a friendly reminder about square envelopes...
Square envelopes are nonstandard and require additional postage to mail.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

We have a new blog for 'referrals'

We at paper-papers are excited to announce our service referral blog. This blog is anticipated to be a wonderful resource for finding companies that have had a history of working on our papers and comments from people who have used their services.

We look forward to everyone sharing their referrals. (If you would like to submit a referral, please email and you will receive an automated email with the necessary information.) 

Other future changes are that we are starting to include our updates on a printed flyer to insert in all shipments. Also, we are looking forward to every shipment receiving a free sample to assist in future project plans. We would love your feedback. Please feel free to contact us via our general email: (or) submit a comment on this blog.

We look forward to a productive and prosperous future together!

The Team at Paper-Papers LLC