Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Can We Best Keep You Informed?

Please help us learn, what might be the best way to keep you informed. We have worked with an E-Newsletter over that past few years, but are starting to question if this is the best method to keep our customer's informed.

I can speak for myself, when I get overwhelmed with e-mails, I find it much easier to quickly delete the E-Newsletters just to help clean out my 'in box'. I have also heard others express they lose their 'advertising emails' to their 'junk mail' folders.

We have sent out another trusty E-Newsletter in hopes to get our recipients to hope over here and take the 5 second survey. We would also love to hear if you have yet a better suggestion. Send Email Suggestions to:

Let me first take a moment to assure all our customer of a few common questions and concerns.
1) I must assure you, all contact information is CONFIDENTIAL and is only used for the sole purpose of handling business between us and you - IT IS NEVER SOLD TO 3RD PARTY GROUPS.
2) If you are on our mailing list, it is because you have signed up through our 'Newsletter' Link. It is NOT a default to be put on our mailing list. It is a choice of each individual person to sign up.

So... this now poses the thought...

"Why would Paper-Papers need to contact me?"
Our reasons for sending you emails or updating our News Page are examples such as:

  • When we add a new product to our Features (10% Off)
  • When we have added a new line or extended a product line.
  • Price increase notices.
  • 'Re-sellers' to be informed as new products qualify for 're-seller discount'. (ReSeller Progam is new as of Feb. '08)
  • Occasionally we offer an additional discounts for one of our new products that may be different than our 'Featured Item'.
  • Site outages or technical notices

Well, it is time to set the reader free in hopes of offering suggestions or voting on the poll located on the upper right corner of this News Blog.

We greatly appreciate you as our customer and hope to have a wonderful productive 2008 together.

The Paper-Papers Team

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cordenons product price increase

Effective December 2007, Cordenon announced product price increases. We have and are currently updating our site pricing.

Some of our most popular items, Stardream Metallics & Plike have been affected by this increase. We have applied the price changes and have temporarily added 8.5x11 Stardreams & Plike 8.5x11 & Full Size Sheets to our "Features - 10% off" for a limited time. We hope to provide you with time and notice to adjust your inventory pricing to reflect these changes.

We have also added all Cordenon products to our Wholesale category. If you are a qualified 'Paper-Papers Re-seller', you will receive the appropriate discount at time of purchase.

Thank you for your continued business!

The Paper-Papers Team

Introducing our Re-Seller Program

We are 90% complete with setting up our Wholesale section.

To view more about our 're-seller' program please jump over to:

It is very important to download and read our policies. One important factor is this program will not be approved for the 'end-user'. This is designed to work with our customers who create, print and design on our products, to satisfy their customer's needs. If you feel your company will qualify, please read policies, provide requested forms and fax or mail your information to our offices. All contact information is clearly stated on our 'Policies' form.

We look forward to growing in our business to business relations! Please feel free to contact our offices if you have any questions.

Paper-Papers LLC