Thursday, July 31, 2008

Foil Celebration!

Foil Celebration Foil Lined EnvelopesFOIL LINED ENVELOPES... August is Foil Discount month. We are offering all Foil Lined Envelopes at an unbelievable 15% OFF. This is a limited time offer. Don't wait until it's too late. Get ready for all those Holiday mailings.Be watching for our newest addition - Red Foil Lined Envelopes (this color will be sold in carton quantities) --UPDATE - The Red Foils are online & ready to be purchased!

Pegasus Midnight Black We have updated our Pegasus Midnight Black with 2 new envelope choices. No.10 ENVELOPES - SQUARE FLAP and Booklet Envelopes (9.5 in x 12.625 in). To find all the Smart Paper Pegasus Midnight Black products, be sure to jump to Smart Paper. Crane's Palette 3 MORE COLORS HAVE ARRIVED! Our newest color additions are AQUA, LIMON and PINK. Stock is in warehouse and ready to ship. The only delay is... 'me' ----eek. Yes, as you may see, the colors are not currently showing on our site. The colors should appear in a matter of days. If you need to order immediately, please contact the office and a representative will assist you with your order. ***ANOTHER UPDATE--- ALL Crane's Cotton COLORS LISTED ONLINE - READY FOR BUYING!  In addition, we are keeping the Crane's Palette on sale for 1 more week. The Crane's sale will end August 8th, be sure to get in on the 10% discount while you can. Secret Discount... If you didn't skip to the bottom of this Newsletter (like I would -- to see the discount), you will understand why I named this secret discount, "PATIENCE".As you can see by the announcements above, I haven't quite stayed on task this month. Our 'Red foils' are soon to be listed, our Palette colors are in-house but not online and the unlisted discount is at the end of the month. Hmmm. Possibly your summer has been much like mine, which has been filled with children, family and friends. I looked at the calendar and before I knew it, the month has passed. I want to simply say THANK YOU for your patience and we appreciate your business. I hope you can take advantage of this discount.PATIENCE will take $5 OFF any order which is $50 or more. You can use this discount as many times as you would like before it expires. Expiration AUGUST 15, 2008.I hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer!Sincerely, Lori and The Team at Paper-Papers

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