Thursday, March 5, 2009

French Construction Paper and Envelopes

20% OFF - French Construction - Envelopes, paper and card stock

This 2 DAY sale ends Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 3pm CST

Worldwide Shipping Incentive

--Acid free / Chlorine free
--Laser & Ink Guaranteed for Construction Text Weight (Cover may be limited by its thickness)
--All French paper products are made with clean, renewable energy / 100% Green Hydropower

Note colors and their recycled content...

  • Virgin Fiber (non-recycled): Pure White

  • FSC Certified (non-recycled): Insulation Pink

  • FSC Certified & 30% recycled: Grout Gray, Electric Red, Paver Red, Timber Green, Nightshift Blue

  • 100% recycled/30% post-consumer: Recycled White, Whitewash, Tile Green, Cement Green, Steel Blue, Factory, Green, Fuse Green, Safety Orange, Brick Red, Charcoal Brown, Blacktop

The earthy, yet durable shades of Construction paper, made exclusively by French paper mills, is a great addition to those creative projects with a subtle influence of earthy tones. These shades are very different in color, but share a family of undertones which will allow for mixing and matching of various shades.

We carry this practical line of paper in various sizes & weights. You can view all Construction products at paper-papers with easy navigation on our site, you can quickly find all the Construction Paper and Envelopes.

Construction is made up of 18 color selections (15 colors & 3 shades of white). Here at Paper-Papers we stock a high majority of these colors in the paper & various envelope sizes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Celebrate March with the basics of BASIS™ COLORS

10% Off BASIS COLORS by Leader

BASIS™ is a wonderful line of colors offering assistance to the basic foundation of the designer's important projects. Representing a color range from darks to lights and boasting of a premium, antique vellum finish. This line is a superb choice and produces professional results. Basis, also accompanied by a full range of envelope options which simply expands your project to the next level.

Basis Colors available in 8 1/2" x 11", 70lb Text sheets and 80lb Cover. Announcing our newest addition, 26" x 40" folio sheets (limited colors and gradually expanding). Also, envelopes range from #10 business, a full range of announcement choices (A1 thru A10), squares and catalog/booklets.

Paper-Papers is celebrating the foundations of design by offering BASIS™ COLORS at a 10% discount, during the month of March. This discount is for a limited time (expires 3/31/09) and certain limitations apply. (Discount limitations: envelopes being sold with drop down options will be discounted 10% off the base price only.)