Monday, March 2, 2009

Celebrate March with the basics of BASIS™ COLORS

10% Off BASIS COLORS by Leader

BASIS™ is a wonderful line of colors offering assistance to the basic foundation of the designer's important projects. Representing a color range from darks to lights and boasting of a premium, antique vellum finish. This line is a superb choice and produces professional results. Basis, also accompanied by a full range of envelope options which simply expands your project to the next level.

Basis Colors available in 8 1/2" x 11", 70lb Text sheets and 80lb Cover. Announcing our newest addition, 26" x 40" folio sheets (limited colors and gradually expanding). Also, envelopes range from #10 business, a full range of announcement choices (A1 thru A10), squares and catalog/booklets.

Paper-Papers is celebrating the foundations of design by offering BASIS™ COLORS at a 10% discount, during the month of March. This discount is for a limited time (expires 3/31/09) and certain limitations apply. (Discount limitations: envelopes being sold with drop down options will be discounted 10% off the base price only.)

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